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Digital Marketing Breakdown 2009


Digital marketing is progressing faster than ever with the introduction of Web 2.0. During the recent U.S. presidential elections, the internet played a key factor in deciding the eventual outcome.

The interface between the internet and huge text messaging market is improving with websites like Twitter and Facebook. In the coming years, the number of online users will continue to increase. During this time, companies will focus more resources toward reaching web customers with these targeted messages. That being said, here is our breakdown of the current trends in Digital Marketing for 2009!

Social networking

One of the biggest trends today is the surge in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. People use social networking to stay in contact with family, friends and associates; and also to extend their networks. Businesses can target not only individuals but can also reach their friends, and the friends of their friends.

Here is an interesting fact, about 110 million Americans use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook at least once a month. Out of 5,000 adults surveyed, 52% of them are “friends” with at least one "brand".

The texting generation

Text or SMS messaging is a worldwide phenomenon. Young people today spend a great deal of their time sending text messages back and forth at nearly any time of the day. Understanding future trends requires knowledge of the texting revolution. Texting is linked to the web through special websites like Twitter and Facebook. Using these sites, one can post a message from a mobile devide to the web, or vice a versa. One of the features of texting is the short maximum allowable length of the text message. Graphics are not displayed in text messages, but you can place a link to multi-media content.

Marketing in a recession

We have all felt the effects of this deep recession, and it is easy to get pessimistic in such an environment. However, the recession also offers opportunities to marketers who know how to go with the flow. People are looking to save money, and for possible deals as prices push downward. Many companies are tailoring messages designed to help people during these tough times.

News Feed Marketing

RSS, Atom and other types of syndicated feeds are an important source of information for many web users. News feeds include text, photos and video and they are continuously updated throughout the day. However, ad units available for newsfeeds are usually confined so far to text ads. This may change in the future with more multi-media offerings.

Podcasting and Video podcasting

Users of IPods and MP3 players can download audio and video content off the web. Video podcasts can be downloaded for Sony Playstation, MS Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSi. Marketing through podcasts and video podcasts should be a natural development in coming years.

Viral Video Marketing

Websites like YouTube have greatly increased the popularity of online videos. Popular viral videos can attract tens of millions of viewers and these can be created and marketed at no cost! Indeed many of the most popular YouTube videos were created by amateurs with no intention of making money. The quality of video is coming closer to that of television as technology improves, and there is nothing else like it on the internet for full sensory participation of the viewer.

A “viral” video may be unstoppable once set in motion. Over half of all data traffic on the web is now video!

Customer Participation

Web users have become accustomed to interactive participation. Businesses that listen to and interact with their customers will lead the field. There is a trend toward giving customers their own blogs, forums and other platforms for feedback. Forward-looking businesses are granting customers more participation in product development, improvement and redesign.

Social bookmarking and Peer Review

Social bookmarking is a form of networking that involves rating, reviewing and recommending websites and other web content. Digg,, reddit, StumbleUpon and other websites allow web surfers to bookmark, tag and propagate their favorite websites to others in their network or with similar interests. Social bookmarking and peer review is a good way to establish a website and generate targeted incoming traffic.

Behavioral analysis and targeting

Marketing research firms are studying the habits of online users. They are observing how we navigate from page to page and from site to site; how long we stay on certain pages; what we post on social networking sites; and everything else we do while on line. And they are trying to figure out why we do what we do – what is stimulating our actions. All this analysis is used to serve real-time targeted ads and messages based on specific behavioral cues.

Audio and Video Blogging

The conventional text and image blog will continue to have an impact, but we should expect an increase in bloggers using video and audio formats. The number of people capable of recording their own videos is increasing rapidly. In the future, a blog that does not use video at least occasionally may be left behind.

Digital marketing is a rapidly-changing field and it can be impossible to predict how things will look many years from now. An experienced web marketing team like Fincel Design can help you prepare for tomorrow’s web challenges. Contact Us today about increasing your businesses visibility on the web!


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